Thursday, February 5, 2009


OBJECTIVE : Learning to show for ball and passing under pressure.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS : 8 players.

AREA/FIELD : 25 yards x 25 yards.

TIME : 10 minutes.

EQUIPMENT : 4 cones, 2 balls.

ORGANIZATION : Players A and C pass to Players B and D respectively. Players B and D pass back. Players A and C play diagonal ball to players F and E respectively. Players B and D pressured from behind by defenders.

INSTRUCTIONS : Let players switch postions. Let defenders defend at 50% at start of drill. Let A and C start at same time.

COACHING POINTS : Hold off/shield defenders while making wallpass. Concentrate on accurate passing. Use left and right foot. Make diagonal pass through air.

VARIATIONS : Use defenders on all players.


OBJECTIVE : Learning to time runs and passes.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS : 10 players.

AREA/FIELD : 15 yards x 15 yards.

TIME : 15 minutes.

EQUIPMENT : 4 cones, 1 ball.

ORGANIZATION : Player A passes ball to player B, who show for ball. Player B plays back to player A and makes run around cone. Player A passes ball to player C. Player C plays ball to player B. Player B passes ball to player D. Player C makes run around cone and show for ball from player D. Finish with diagonal pass to player A.

COACHING POINTS : Concentrate on accurate passing. Time runs and passes. Communicate. Make quick runs to ball and around cones (fast footwork).

VARIATIONS : Make grid smaller. Play 1 touch. Use 2 balls simultaneously. Players A and C start at same time.